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Is this the end of MenudoMania?

What’s happening with the MenudoMania Forever tour? Sadly it feels as if it is falling apart right before our eyes before we have had a chance for a full-fledged tour. The 80’s pop group...


Menudo – “Quiero Ser” (1981)

You may know this album as “Quiero Ser, “Rock Chiquillo,” or even “Fuego” depending on what country you were in when the album was released in 1981. The album was released around the word...


Kany Garcia – “Limonada” (2016) Album Review

Kany Garcia releases her fourth album Limonada in sweet spot of #1 on iTunes This past May, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Kany Garcia released her fourth studio album, Limonada, under Sony Music. On the day of its release,...