Category: 1990-1999


Ilse – “El Rio” (1996)

Ilse is known for being the third part of the Mexican pop group, Flans (or now known as Ilse Ivonne Mimi), but in the 90’s there was a short time where Ilse shared the...


Alejandra Guzman – “Enorme” (1994)

Next up on our Alejandra Guzman chronological retrospect of her discography is the sixth album, Enorme, which was released in 1994. Just this past weekend, we reviewed the fifth album, Libre, which didn’t get an...


Moenia – “Moenia” (1996)

Moenia is one of those bands who are in my collection but has never been a necessity to have all their music as a completist. Sadly, I don’t know why. I love music like...