Category: 1980-1989


Tatiana – “Tatiana” (1984)

Tatiana (Palacios) has spent the last twenty-two years being the face of “kids” music in Mexico, but prior to focusing on the niños, she was just a kid herself and started her career as...


Sasha Sokol – “Sasha” (1987)

While Sasha Sokol recorded seven albums in her repertoire, the first still remains her most popular and successful. Sasha left Timbiriche in 1986 then returned to the stage the following year with her first...


Menudo – “Quiero Ser” (1981)

You may know this album as “Quiero Ser, “Rock Chiquillo,” or even “Fuego” depending on what country you were in when the album was released in 1981. The album was released around the word...