Carlos Rivera – “Yo Creo” (2016) Album Review

Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

Began my fascination with Latin pop music in 1983 with Menudo, then branched out to other. 80s-90s Fanzine editor. Now music blogger.

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3 Responses

  1. Tracey says:

    Your review is contradicting.. first you give Carlos’s and his music praise and then you slap him in the face and throw him under the bus. His album has actually done remarkably well and his success continues to climb. If you don’t see anything good about Carlos that stands out to you.. then you are obviously blind and shouldn’t be writing blogs about up and coming new music artists. He IS and will always be bigger then what you give him credit for!

    (Washington State, USA)

    • Jenny Morgan Jenny Morgan says:

      In the first part of the review is what fans like and what the world sees…Second is how I feel. I don’t have to like his music. I never threw him under a bus by stating how I felt about the music. I never said it was a horrible album, in fact I talked about that I did like as well as what I didn’t. Just because my opinion differs from you and many other people does not make my opinion invalid. As a reviewer and a blogger, I created this blog to give people a little history, voice my opinions, learn about new artists, and expose people to music they may never have heard. Most “fangirls” or “fanboys” get mad and state things like “I am blind” when people aren’t saying “this is the best thing since life’s bread”. Music, movies, celebrities… it is all the same. As a critic, I can dislike the hugest artists even though they are #1 on the charts or have the most fans in the world. Still, don’t have to like it. And again, never said that there was nothing good about Carlos. Thank you for visiting my site.

  2. TLD says:

    I never said you weren’t entitled to your opinion.. I disagreed with it and and I gave you mine. My deepest apologies.. Have a nice day.

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