Robi Draco Rosa – “Mad Love” (2004) Album Review

Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

Began my fascination with Latin pop music in 1983 with Menudo, then branched out to other. 80s-90s Fanzine editor. Now music blogger.

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2 Responses

  1. Didi says:

    Jenny you are on point with review, it is the best second language album by any artist, considering Robi is from PR he was born in the US, still a masterpice, an ode to Love , a topic very hard to make good songs about, specially now a days. Robi making an Album about Love? Ohh but he nailed it!!!!

    • Rich Fradera says:

      hi Jenny ,

      this remark is really outstanding ! I appreciate so much
      your remarks to our Orgullo Boricua ( puertorican pride ).
      Despite Robi was born and grew up in NY like me, he represents
      the surrealism and the dark poetry that every latino have within.

      kindest regards
      dear friend,


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